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My name is Esther. I'm 19 and I'm from the UK.
I'm obsessed with Glee, specifically Klaine <3
I love Chris Colfer and Darren Criss.
The Glee cast are my idols.

I’m Chinese, so I wonder if non-Chinese understand





that in the Chinese version of Disney’s Mulan, the fake name she gives is “Ping”, but her family name “Fa” in English is “Hua” in Chinese, therefore her full name is “Hua Ping”, which is literally “Flower Vase”, and that’s why Shang is so bewildered because it’s a silly name.


but OP how could you not tell them the best part

“hua ping”/flower vase is chinese slang for “camp gay”



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Darren Criss  - Listen Up Tour: Dallas 

Watching Darren’s merch being unloaded was exciting in a way I didn’t expect. As a fan who used to watch him on youtube, seeing huge trunks full of stuff with his face on it being wheeled into the venue was a brand new reminder of how far he has come. And yet, even though he’s selling out shows at every place he goes, he doesn’t mind turning to smile for a random fan’s (me!) camera on his way in. 

What is special about him is he is very aware of the fact that it’s easy to take fame for granted once you have it, and he refuses to let that happen. On stage in Dallas, after he kept introducing himself to the crowd over and over again, he said something close to: “The moment you assume everyone knows your name is the moment you really start to embarrass yourself.” I think this is a pretty spectacular glimpse into why Darren will be around for a long time and how he’s stayed so grounded. 

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